Tilda Källström

Photographer & Web developer



Are you looking for a photographer or a web developer? Look no furter!

I have a higher education diploma with computer engineering as a main field of study. I got my degree 2022 at Mid Sweden University and to see a selection of my projects, visit my web portfolio. In there you can find projects created with PHP, C#, .NET, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, Sass, React, Angular and much more. If you want to see the code behind my projects, visit my GitHub.

I also have a bachelor of science deegre with education as the main field of study. I have work experience as a photographer (sport, weddings, nature and a lot more) as I have been freelancing as a photographer since 2008. To see a selection of my photos, visit my photo portfolio.

I am based in Östergötland, Sweden, but I am available all over the world.

Contact me at tildakallstrom@gmail.com for mor information.



Here you can see a selection of my web projects. If you want to see more projects and the code behind my projects, visit GitHub. In there you will find projects created with React, Angular, Java, .NET, PHP, WordPress and a lot more!

Hotel Supreme

Hotel Supreme


Hotel Supreme is created with .NET MVC. Rooms consumes an API and News and About has full CRUD-funktionality and every post is saved to a database.

Merlins B&B

Merlins bed & breakfast

WordPress SEO PHP JavaScriptCSS

Merlins bed and breakfast is a fictious bed and breakfast. This website was created with WordPress and a theme created with PHP, JavaScript, HTML and CSS.


Vikens transportation service


In the web usability course the main focus was to create websites that everyone can visit and understand. This is a fictious web service for travel service booking which was created with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.


Dog diary


Dog diary is a blog created with PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML and CSS. On this website you can register, login, create blogposts and read and comment other users blogposts.

Merlins Foto

Merlins Photo

Photoshop HTML JavaScriptCSS

Merlins Photo is a fictious webshop that sells photo gear. This website was created for the course digital image processing for web. The main focus was to create responsive images in different formats keeping the file sices small.


Here you can see my photos including nature-, wedding-, concert- and modelphotographies. Contact me at tildakallstrom@gmail.com if you would like to book a session.